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Sibling plates can be made for your children in a variety of styles and sizes. They make a perfect gift for grandparents, and a wonderful family keepsake to add to your home.

It's like stopping a moment in time. You will cherish it more and more as they grow.

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Two Hands / Two Feet: All of your child's prints on one plate, with scalloped edges to add an extra touch to your plate.

Solid, glazed plates have your child's name engraved into the ceramic.

Photo plates come in a variety of shapes and styles. Your child's cute picture with their prints make a great combination.

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Angel photo plate is created with your child's prints–they will always be your little angel!

Cross and Fish photo plates are very special.

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Sailboat photo plate is a great nautical theme plate.

Dad and baby baseball plate: This is Dad's first catch with his baby.

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Surfboard Plates: These plates are awesome! They look great in an ocean theme room...Surf's up! We hand paint little sharks and hibiscus flowers on them.

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Family / Parent Plate: Now you can hold your baby or toddler's hand forever. This plate will become a family heirloom!

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Santa Cookie Plate And Christmas Ornaments: Making cookies for Santa is a tradition, but when your child's hand prints are in a custom cookie plate, it becomes a treasured remembrance that you can bring out every Christmas Season.

Christmas ornaments of your baby's hand or foot are made throughout the year, capturing their infancy. You won't find a better "babies' first Christmas ornament". They look adorable on your tree. We can make them for your toddlers as well...just put it on a sturdy branch or ornament stand.

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Teddy Bear Photo Plate: This plate is cute with little hand painted hearts.

Princess Plate: Who said they can't be your princess forever. This plate has hand painted hearts with a special ceramic glitter painted on.

Mommy/Daddy baby plates or Grandparent baby plates are a very special and beautiful keepsake.

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Jewish Star, Sea Turtle, Fire hat: These plates have texture and special glazes, making them very unique.

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Sports plates are awesome! They look great in your child's room, and kids love them! If your child is older, we can imprint your child's hands only.

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