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About Do it Yourself Handprint Kits

Do it Yourself kits have been around for some time now, these companies come and go. It is an option for those who do not have the opportunity to visit a Ceramic Handprint Studio and have an experienced artist take your child’s precious print for you.

We have heard the same remark through the years: "We were given a kit and we tried it Over and Over and it still did not come out, and now our baby is bigger! Can you improve the impression I took on it? Or can you re-fire and make it looks like yours?"

Unfortunately the answer is NO. Due to the unknown material used, we cannot take the chance of anything being destroyed in our kiln. Sadly some customers wait months for their purchased “Do it Yourself kit” to arrive only to be disappointed because the quality looks nothing like the advertised product.

It took our trainee’s many tries to perfect our technique before we would allow them to even take an impression on a customer who deserves the best! The impression is the most important part of the plate after all that is why you’re doing it.

This is one of those times it’s worth making the trip to an experienced Ceramic Handprint Studio and let them take the impression for you.. We have many customers who travel a good distance because they know how very special this moment is they want us with over 15 years of experience to capture their child’s infancy the best possible way and take the impressions for them.

Again impression is the most important part of the ceramic plate.

As a mother of two teenage boys their precious ceramic prints have become more precious with the passing of time, I am thankful of the quality and display them proudly.

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